From an alsatian point of view Paris lies beyond the other side of the mountains and Berlin beyond the other side of the river, I choose the later when I came back to Europe 2 years ago, with fresh mind and new eyes.

This after living many years in asia were I have filled numerous fashion and advertising contracts as well as continued to develop creatively with personal projects.

In the last years I had teamed up with korean photographer JuneLee under the name Junelouis. We still cooperate on a project by project basis.

My skills in fashion photography and sports related advertising help me creating nicely lit advertising images and dynamic fashion images.

My fine art focuses on elements like wind, water, gravity and how they relate to us.


Professional experience

1985-1989 Paris

Freelance photographer of commercial and fine art projects



1990-2004 Hong-Kong-Seoul


South Korea: Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, Elle, Marie-Claire

Hong Kong: The Sunday Magazine of South China Morning Post

Japan: Hi fashion, Mister Hi fashion


South Korea: SK Telecom, Korea Exchange Bank, Maxwell, La Neige/ Hera Cosmetics (Pacific Chemical), Samsung

Hong Kong: Lycra, Times Square,The Landmark


2004-2012 Shanghai-Berlin


USA: New York Times Magazine

Hong Kong: Harper's, The Sunday Magazine of South China Morning Post, Prestige, The Landmark Magazine

Germany: Mitteschön

China: Elle, Vogue, Marie-Claire, Modern Weekly, Life, The Bund, That's Shanghai, Fashion Weekly

Italy: Luna

Thailand: Elle


Hong Kong: Reebok, Shanghai Tang, Intel, Blanc de Chine

China: Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Gore Tex, Coca Cola, Volvo, China Telecom, Siemens, Watson's

South Korea: SK Telecom, Pacific cosmetics

Agencies: marc&chantal design, W+K shanghai, TBWA shanghai, TBWA Korea, leo burnett shanghai, Red loundge, BBDO Korea



Ecole Technique de Photographie et Audiovisuel(ETPA). Toulouse, France


Freelance photographer assistant in Paris, France

Personal Work


Collaboration with Marc and Chantal Design, HK, for an orange-object-themed nude calendar.


Collaborations with Shanghai designers Qiu Hao and Zhang Da, published in Outlook Magazine China


Crazy Chair: A series of portraits sitting in a chair on a wall
Portraits in a shallow pool: An aerial series of portraits in a translucent pool of water


Red Wind: A series of nude impressions in wind-blown red fabric. Bron Electronik AG, Switzerland, selection for 2009 Broncolor photo of the year.

Chinese circus series: cooperation with Shanghai circus world and Chengdu circus.
Chengdu circus ;The series was published as a fashion story in Modern Weekly, China.

Shanghai circus world : portraits of self training animals in Shanghai circus world,inspired by chinese athletes and the story of 'Nutcarcker'.

Le grain de sable: Pictures of self made sand storms in China's Taklamakan desert.
Highway312: Portrait of trucks on national highway312,important highway which runs east-west across China and along the Silk road towards central Asia.