November 22, 2012

Pictures from series I shoot with June Lee are on show at Canvas in Malibu, California.

The show is curated by Kim Chu Hahn from Pin collective.

On the images below we are signing the prints In Berlin before sending them over the US. That was just before the superstorm Sandy hit the east coast: those prints got stuck somewhere on the way maybe in a flooded warehouse and did not make it yet to California!

We had to print again and send with super fast courier to make it for the opening.


November 13, 2012

For my second blog entry  an other flash back...

in 2008, few month before the olympics, I had the assignment from Nike to photograph the top Chinese athletes it sponsored in their olympic apparel.

With the Shanghai studio team I traveled to the many places in China where these athletes live and train.

As well as a amazing insight of China national olympic team, the journey was also very good training for problem solving!

here some making of snaps of this production

the picture with Yaoming at the end is from an other project connected to China olympics

November 12, 2012

I want to start this blog with pictures of a Seoul-Paris-Seoul road trip.

I think it's a good start to get to know me...

As rental of production vehicle for fashion photography was not available in Korea, we usually went on location in mini vans.

To add comfort and fun to these outings I decided to set up a dedicated bus with wardrobe, make up room, kitchen, toilet and power supply.

Then came the idea to to use this bus to explore the wide expand of land between my wife homeland were we lived, and the place I came from at the other end of the eurasian continent.

We found a way to be allowed to drive from Korea through China, took a sabbatic year, and embarked for the round trip with kids and dog.

From the Pacific to the Atlantic coast we explored our cultural gap and everything in between, literally.

Miae now lives in Seoul, Korea and I live in Berlin with our daughter Lilas.

After graduating high school this year our son is spending a year in Seoul.