Thin air dog,

I met you little mother dog with your puppy at a high pass on the way to the Everest base camp. You were discreet and friendly, patiently asking for food, with dignity.

In winter there is not much traffic here, and the closest villages are miles away, and you little mother dog manage to survive here through the winter, feeding your puppy? What do you eat when no car stops? what do you drink when it does not snow? Were do you sleep when the gusts are so cold?

And how did you get here at the first place?

I gave you the fat of my dried yak meat, specially when the tibetans drivers did not watch. 

Few days later on the way back we stayed again to film the Audi car but we had no more yak meat, sorry.

I hope you are still ok up there with your puppy.

You drew my attention on you ordinary thin air dogs, not the expensive Tibetan Mastiff that live and reproduce  in a kennel near Lhasa airport.

This mini photo essay, well I was not there to shoot dogs,  is dedicated to you and your cousins, you guys look all related,

also to a couple of other animals I met up there, that also had some of your doggy dignity...