May 30, 2014

I went out there on Berlin skate spots  to photograph a sport, get some more practice on fast and complex movement photography.

At first intrigued by these fearless guys who had better to do at christmas in Berlin than stay warm at home, 

and would be out in chilly winds as long it was dry.

I was then amazed to to find out that there is a whole culture to discover....

Skaters told me that my pictures look nice but they can tell I am not a skater...

I promised to study hard and do better!




Il enjoyed shooting this first series on skate board because:

-It combines the study of the movement to its situation in the urban landscape, made me feel like shooting circus performers again but out on the street!


-Because it is technically very challenging to obtain good image quality while respecting the often very dim light atmosphere of outdoor in winter berlin.

-The bare winter landscape makes the contrast between figures and concrete even starker.


-Skate board photography is capturing something that is hard to see with the naked eye.


-Image making is part of skate boarding, skaters are quite often willing to play along with a stranger photographer as long as he is willing try to understand their image code.


I had to part from my heavy studio flashes for that one and put together portable gear that would fit in the coffers of my motorbike.

At first i arrived at the skate spots not knowing anyone, feeling like a dog among cats. I had to be very humble and polite to be tolerated.

Then it started to happen that a skater I would see again on an other spot at the other end of the city, would nod at me with an air of connivence.

To get them to actually like some of the images took me however as long as shooting this first series, about a month.


I will continue to shoot skateboard I know there is more to it than this first series . I would like to get to shoot more amazing skaters, do stroboscopic and moving images because some of it just cannot be described with the shot of an instant,  use also studio lighting. For this i will need to understand a lot more about the whole culture than I do now. Wether i will be able to become a true skate photographer is unsure.....I may still give an edge to the beauty of the image over the beauty of the trick!